Sunday, May 20, 2007

The rot runs deep

Many people were responsible for the Duke Rape Hoax. The responsible parties include:

1) Crystal Magnum, who originated it,

2) SANE nurse Tara Levicy, who appears to have substituted her opinions for the facts in her report on the examination of Crystal Magnum

3) Durham police officer Benjamin Himan, who signed a false affidavit to obtain DNA from the players and authorize the infamous photo identification procedure that led to the infamous photo identification procedure that identified the three "suspects",

4) Durham police officer Mark Gottlieb, who conducted that procedure,

5) investigator Linwood Wilson, who appears to have helped Crystal Magnum change her story to match the then-available evidence,

4) Gottlieb (again), who produced some highly suspect typewritten notes months after certain events, and which contradicted contemporaneous notes of those events

6) Of course, Mike Nifong, who oversaw the whole case, and is by far the most culpable.

These people work for three different employers -- Duke University, the Durham Police Department, and the 14th North Carolina Prosecutorial District. Amazingly, not one of these employers has seen fit to fire their respective employees, despite their culpability in the Hoax. To the contrary:

1) Tara Levicy still works for Duke University.

2) The Durham Police Department has tried to whitewash its officers' culpability.

3) North Carolina judge Orlando Hudson, when presented with a complaint seeking Nifong's removal, chose to do nothing for the time being. Nifong is the subject of a complaint by the North Carolina bar, which will be tried in June. To date, that is the only public action taken against any perpetrator of the Hoax.

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