Thursday, May 31, 2007

How you can help

This morning I received an Email. He doesn't say, but the author sounds like a Duke alum. He asks:

Keep it civil and to the point and I think that some pressure on Duke will start to show some yield.

Is there a way for alums and other supporters to show support for the effort. I am sickened by the lack of response from the admin to the behavoir of the faculty.

I'm answering him on this blog.

Absolutely, there are many ways. You can:

* Stop giving money to Duke, and let them know the reason.

* Start writing Duke's donors yourselves. I think it is helpful to send copies of your letters to relevant individuals at Duke.

* Let people know about this blog. While it is not exclusively focussed on the Duke case, I do intend to blog about this effort again.

The main point is, a University can frequently ignore criticism. But if its sources of funding start to dry up, it will pay attention.

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