Sunday, March 9, 2008

John McCain for President

I am coming off the fence and declaring my support for John McCain. He has been right very often:

In 2003, McCain says more troops are needed in Iraq.
In 2004, McCain says that more troops are needed in Iraq.
In 2005, McCain wants to send more troops to Iraq.
In 2006, McCain says more troops are needed to stabilize Iraq.
In 2007, McCain is a supporter of more troops in Iraq.

McCain calls for Alberto Gonzales to resign.

McCain believes that greenhouse gas emissions are causing global warming.

McCain believes in evolution

McCain supports NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and WTO, and opposes subsidies

McCain is against earmarks -- and doesn't even try to get them for his own state.

McCain says that rising costs are the fundamental issue facing American health care -- and adds that he will not tolerate deceptive practices by the industry.

McCain supports the death penalty.

Is he right about everything? No. There are some issues where he is half right:

McCain is against medical maraijuana -- but at least he doesn't want to arrest very sick people for using it.

On gay rights, he is all over the place. One gets the feeling that he wants to support it, but knows it would anger a lot of his supporters. Even Mr. Straight Talk sometimes makes the politically expedient decision.

McCain would be comfortable with a gay President.
McCain supports gay marraige.
McCain opposes gay marraige.
McCain supports leaving gay marraige to the states.

And on a few issues he is wrong:

McCain generally opposes abortion rights.

McCain opposes gun control.

Overall, McCain is right far more often than he is wrong. And he is right about the most important issue. A withdrawal from Iraq would be wrong, wrong, wrong, dead wrong; possibly as dramatically and disastrously wrong as Neville Chamberlain's surrender of the Sudetenland to Hitler. Therefore, I support John McCain for President.

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drake said...

Excellent post with great references.

I most liked this AlterNet article on McCain's global warming stance. Below is an example in the article of what I admire about McCain:

It was right about then that McCain invited Captain Climate up on stage and, a few days later, promised to appoint a scientific panel that would report back to Congress within a year -- with a plan. "I thought we were all going to drop dead with a heart attack. I mean, we'd seen someone who tried to shut us down with pat, smooth answers in December do a 180-degree turn,"

Unlike most Republicans, he's not afraid of meeting and listening to different views. And he's not afraid of changing when the facts and the science show reason to change.

About Iraq, I wish McCain would do a better job on explaining the issue similiar to how Engram does at Back Talk Blog. I'm afraid he's going to have trouble with the Obama or Clinton in the presidential debates on this issue. When he debated this issue with John Stewart he didn't do too well in my opinion. But unlike many Republicans, he wasn't afraid of debating the issue with Stewart.