Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Outrage in Georgia

Georgia Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker has forgotten about justice. He has chosen to pursue a ludicrous appeal, designed to keep Genarlow Wilson in prison, serving a ten-year sentence for consensual oral sex with a girl, at a time when the girl was 15 years old, and Mr. Wilson was 17.

Kids will be kids. They will do things that kids do. Like it or not, sex is one of those things. If Georgia locked up every kid who did what Mr. Wilson did, I daresay there would be a lot of empty chairs in the Georgia Governor's Office, Legislature, and even the Attorney General's Office.

This is the same Georgia that has Teresa Fargason sitting in prison, framed by the police for the murder of her daughter. The case has been broadcast on Court TV, among other places. Apparently, the state of Georgia has the resources to keep fighting to lock up Mr. Wilson, but it cannot spare the time or money to find out why the police framed Teresa Fargason for a murder that was almost certainly committed by then-police officer James Glover. Perhaps they are waiting for Mr. Glover to murder another six-year-old girl?


Anonymous said...

You really don't know half the facts you are running your mouth about. The Court TV failed to address the fact that the so called attorney for Mr. glover has been dis barred. Why don't you check and see why. And if he could be sure she would tell the tryth about what was said in her office between him and his mother he would be glad to let her tell everything. but see he knows something most of you second hand info people don't know, SHE HAS ALREADY LIED ABOUT HIM> and he knows she was only trying to get in on a big case and make a name foe herself. so get your damn facts straight because the next one that calls him a murderer is going to be sued.

Citizen of Macon said...

Mr. Glover was on duty at the police dept the night of the murder and every minute of his time has been documented. He was investigated by the FBI his car was investigated. But if you people will relly think, do you believe a policeman in full uniform could walk out the door of a Kroger store late at night with a 6 year old in his arms in pajamas and no one there not notice. ome on get real. And Teresa said the child was in the store in pjs and nobody noticed that either, I would have. But then again I'm not as dumb as all you. And thet interview Glover hasd with Court Tv was edited to fit what they wanted to show. If you saw thw whole interview he did explain things to them. Lynn Finney has been disbarred. she can't even practice law anymore so I would have a hard time believing her

Eric said...

That CourtTV episode about Teresa Fargason infuriated me. It was so slanted it was ridiculous. How dare they try to make a murderer look innocent? Let's look at the facts:

Teresa's hair was found in the hand of the dead child. The child's blood was found on a blanket in Teresa's car. The child had a tire mark on her arm that matched Teresa's car. A customer and an employee saw Teresa walking into the grocery store alone. Police dogs traced no scent of the child in the parking lot. Teresa asked one of her sisters if she could wash the child's bed sheets with bleach. She did not pass a lie detector test. There is a taped phone conversation where she confesses that she suffocated the child.

Use common sense people. This case is a no brainer. Teresa Fargason is right where she belongs.

Rob said...

These TV shows that slant any way they want show only the evidence they want to get their side across. This is why we have a system of justice with Judge and Jury who hear ALL the evidence then find a person guilty or inocent. Cases like this should not be tried on TV or in the media. I remember this case and the Mother was clearly guilty of murdering her daughter. Someone like this is getting off light with her sentence. The victim is never shown unless it helps the convict. SHE WAS FOUND GUILTY AND UPHELD ON APPEAL. Leave it alone.

Anonymous said...

I believe Anonymous/citizen of Macon/Eric are all the same person (have seen all of this information word for word on other websites all posted under the name of Eric). However that is not what I wanted to say...in doing research on the disbarment of Lynn Finney, the only information I could find was a Lynne Finney Haywood that was disbarred in 1997 which would have been several years before the Court TV interview done with Jerry Palace. Is there any information that indicates they are indeed even the same person?

Anonymous said...

They are one & the same. Both Lynne & her husband were disbarred for substance abuse problems. I have no idea whether Eric, Citizen or Anon. are the same person, but what they state is basically true. Officer Glover had some serious problems, but he was on duty and has accounted for all of his time on the night of the homicide. I actually attended most of the trial. I cannot say I would have found Teresa guilty - possibly because I did not want her to be - but there was no witch hunt.